Flavour of the Week


  • When Overeating, Calories — Not Protein — Contribute to Increase in Body Fat. Another study that reinforces it is the calories that matter with respect to body fat accumulation not the micronutrient composition of the diet.  “The key finding of this study is that calories are more important than protein while consuming excess amounts of energy with respect to increases in body fat.”
  • Canadian food experts look forward and share their predictions for restaurant trends in 2012 (delicious but pricey) and look back on the trends of 2011.
  • Study looks at the combined effects of breastfeeding and sugary drinks. As you might expect, feeding children sugary drinks early in life is linked to obesity. The shocking part is this quote from one of the authors: “What happens is that they’re breastfeeding and they’re often giving their kids juice or Gatorade.” Two year olds do not need Gatorade no matter how much they are crawling about! 

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