Shortbread Cookies vs. Fruitcake

It’s a Christmas battle royale! The holiday favourite shortbread cookie against the much-maligned and ancient (sometimes more than expected!) fruitcake. So, who takes the proverbial cake?

Shortbread   VS Fruitcake
Scotland Origin Ancient Rome
16th Century Date of Birth 50 BC
24 g
(3 cookies)
Serving 43 g
(1 slice)
120 kcal Calories 139 kcal
5 kcal/g  kcal Density 3.2 kcal/g
5.8 g Total Fat 3.9 g
0.2 g Trans Fat 0 g
1.5 g Saturated Fat 0.5 g
3.6 g Sugar 12.8 g
0.4 g Fibre 1.6 g
109 mg Sodium 116 mg

No Baloney’s results? Thankfully, the holiday season is a once-a-year indulgence, as neither of these foods are winners. But, we have to give the win to fruitcake.

Although 37% of calories come from sugar in fruitcake, some of that is naturally occurring as fruit (though we use the term fruit VERY loosely). With an artery-clogging 11% of calories in shortbread cookies coming from saturated fat this is one treat you want to keep to a minimum.

We would normally provide some tips for boosting the nutrient content of these holiday faves, but that seems a sacrilegious suggestion for Nana’s famous shortbread cookies! While we are on the subject though, fruitcake really should come by its name honestly – use actual dried fruit instead of that terrifyingly-coloured candied fruit mixture (raisins and apricots are pretty decent sources of iron)… or you could try using 50% whole wheat or spelt flour to increase fibre… or add hemp hearts or ground walnuts…okay, we’re done.

Happy Holidays!

*Nutrition information from the Canadian Nutrient File: “cookie, shortbread, plain, commercial” and “cake, fruitcake, commercial”


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