Flavour of the Week


  • Check out CBC’s report on pesticides in Canadian organic produce. Do we think this means the organic concept is a waste? No! but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency needs to step up to the plate. Importantly, they do note that generally organic produce has a lower incidence of pesticides than non-organic produce.
  • Cereals like dessert for breakfast! A U.S. report finds that many of the popular brands of cereal have so much sugar that “parents might as well  be serving kids dessert for breakfast”.
  • Shedding Light On Why It Is So ‘Tough’ to Make Healthier Hot Dogs. Reformulating hot dogs to have vegetable oils instead of animal fat? Surprise! They don’t taste as good. Maybe we should just eat fewer hot dogs….
  • More proof that BMI is not the end-all-be-all with respect to overall health: so get moving!
  • Mindfulness practice and stress reduction – improved cortisol secretion, belly fat and weight gain avoidance.
  • Even dietitians don’t live off of carrot sticks during the holiday season! Leslie Beck ‘fesses up to her holiday favourites and provides tips for staying on track.

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