Flavour of the Week


  • Chew gum after meals and lose weight? We’re not talking about bubble gum, or even sugar-free though! Researchers have patented a gum *containing* the satiety hormone PYY, which raises levels in the bloodstream when chewed. Hypothetically, this would improve appetite regulation, but actual impact on satiety has yet to be tested.
  • Dietary suggestions to avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump.
  • Research in the US suggests that people who are overweight eat less often than those in the normal weight range but, here’s the catch, they still consume more calories and participate in less physical activity.
  • The real five a day, it’s not fruits and vegetables. This group estimates a child’s typically daily diet includes one packet of crisps (chips), one chocolate bar, one bag of chewy jelly sweets, one fizzy drink and one energy drink. The data’s from the UK but I can’t imagine we are much better.

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