Flavour of the Week


  • We know that increasing fast food has established negative effects on health, but what about so-called healthier alternatives like sub sandwiches? Increasing “burgers and fries” restaurant use in young adults related to a larger waistline and poorer diet quality (lower fruit, vegetable and fibre intake). Other restaurants, like sub shops, were not statistically related to greater weight BUT were also related to poorer overall diet quality despite being the “healthier” alternative.
  • Promoting healthy habits in kids: encourage kids to get enough sleep (> 9 hours), watch less tv and get them moving to reduce risk of obesity.
  • More evidence to support our “Fast Food and the Future” discussion that health will continue to decline for the younger generations: obesity rates will skyrocket and today’s teens will develop and die from heart disease at a younger age.
  • Another wrench in the raw food argument. Cooking improves energy and nutrient bioavailability, particularly protein, though the study was done in mice. No Baloney suggests Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human for a detailed anthropological history of food preparation and its relationship to our evolution.

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