Flavour of the Week


  • Interesting new research looking at potential hormonal influences and weight regain. Dr. Proietto’s comments aside, I *still* think that the hypocaloric, unsustainable weight loss shake diet and subsequent severe degree of weight loss could have something to do with it!
  • Hoping to shake the bad rap, HFCS seeks a name change to “corn sugar”. Fact: sugar is sugar, regardless of how it’s named.
  • Prominence and placement important when it comes to consumers actually reading the Nutrition Facts table. Consumers understand the basic principles but are they applied? Maybe not.
  • Super Broccoli May Help Heart. The next in a long line of functional foods. There are two key points here: 1) There are no published scientific studies actually looking at the health benefits of the “super” broccoli. 2) I love how the article highlights the fact that “Eating this new broccoli is not going to counteract your bad habits”.
  • An underrepresented group in binge eating research, men are also less likely to seek treatment.

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