Flavour of the Week


  • More equivocal evidence with respect to supplement use in older women. Calcium supplements were related to REDUCED mortality in the Iowa Women’s Health Study. Multi vitamin/mineral formulations (MVMs), folic acid, iron and copper supplements were associated with INCREASED risk of death.
  • Another reason to go with food first. SELECT participants who took 400 IU vitamin E daily showed an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. Break out the olive oil and almonds!
  • More evidence that synergy is at work in whole foods: broccoli.
  • Mayo reigns supreme. Now the top condiment in the US and Canada, topping salsa and ketchup. Benign food trend or calorie-laden cause for concern?
  • Adequate protein intake (15% of total calories) improved calorie control related to snacking in mice. There was no difference in snacking behaviour between 15% and 25% total calories from protein, however, so hold off on ordering the porterhouse steak.
  • A diet high in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease associated with a genetic mutation. More evidence that your lifestyle and genes interact to determine health. Scroll down to the editor’s lay summary for a quick and easy explanation or read the whole article if you are so inclined.

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