Flavour of the Week


  • It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and that means turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Here are some tips to “Feast smarter, not harder“.
  • Get ready for a weight loss supplement formulation change – NMN improves glucose tolerance in mice.
  • Leslie Beck, RD discusses 10 Weight Loss Myths to determine if they are fact or fallacy.
  • Oh, cart-before-the-horse journalism! Orexin is the next big thing based on in vivo results.
  • Revisiting Health Psych 101 – Stages of Change may not be effective for weight-loss in the absence of physical activity and diet change. Hmmmm… kind of makes sense.
  • Labeling foods as male or female for marketing purposes. What gender is your hot sauce?
  • Health Canada to implement caffeine limits and improved labelling on energy drinks.

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