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Portion Sizes

flavour-of-the-week-logoIt appears that larger portion sizes are on the menu at Tim Hortons in Canada. The most alarming part is the quote from the Tim Hortons spokeswoman “consumers are trending away from smaller sizes toward larger sizes”   So much for quality over quantity……  This trend is supported by recent research that reports  increased portion sizes over the last 30 years. The authors link the increased portion sizes to fast-food chains (Piernas, C (2011), J Nutr: 141(6):1159-64).

I could rant and rave but others have already done so. I enjoy the one by Yoni Freedhoff at http://www.weightymatters.ca/ Scroll down to the August 30th post, Tim Hortons Junkie? Prepare to gain weight.

For more on Energy Density, Portion Size and Eating check out the Speaking of Medicine PloS blog. It’s a summary with links to an article on increased portion sizes and snacking and a corresponding increase in energy intake in the U.S. The article was initially published in PLoS medicine in June, 2011. There are links to the full original article, several media reports, and other comments/critiques. If you click on everything you’ll have an interesting read.


Here’s the link to the original article



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